Sergio Mora: I’m sorry I wasn’t born with power, I do what I can

Phil Jay 30/07/2015

Former WBC 154 pound title holder Sergio Mora has hit back at jibes over his punching power as ‘The Latin Snake’ prepares to challenge Daniel Jacobs for his WBA middleweight title.

The 34 year-old goes into his final attempt at world title facing a huge puncher in Jacobs with just nine KO’s from 28 wins to his name, but says that fact makes his career achievements all the more impressive.

“I’ve been dealing with this negative criticism for my entire career. It’s something that has followed me,” Mora said.

“I don’t know if it’s because I’m a reality show winner or because people hate the way that I go in to fight and I can’t knock people out. I’m sorry I wasn’t born with power. You need to be born with power. If I have a way where I can ingest power and knock out and what people want to see into my arsenal, then I’ll do it, but I can’t. I was born the way I’m born. I got to do what I can with my abilities.

“I think I’ve come a long way with all the other athletes that lack power and I think that makes me an even better fighter. It made me evolve into a different type of boxer. So these are the things that boxing needs to understand and the fight fans need to understand that, “All right, well, listen, he’s fighting a guy with a lot of power but how come the guy with no power is actually doing better than the guy with power? Because this is the sweet science and that’s how I become a champion.

“So it doesn’t bother me. I just continue educating people about the sweet science and letting them know that power is not the number one aspect you need to be successful it’s your agility, techniques, your defense, body shots, the strategy, it’s following that strategy it’s hard.

“I think Danny possess everything that I don’t. But I have the experience. I think I take a better shot from experience than he does and I think I follow my game plan more than Danny. A lot of boxers especially a lot of young athletic fighters they go out of their game plan and once they see that it’s not working. As a veteran, I know that it’s not working initially.

“There’s a beginning, a midgame and an end game, kind of like in chess. But you just got to stick to what you practiced and don’t go out of your element and normally things go well for me. That’s how I’m going to continue doing.

“Of course, I’ve changed some things in my strategy. I’ve changed some things in my arsenal and the way I see opponents and I go about it. But ultimately, it’s still Sergio Mora – still the guy that has that ability to upset a champion and that’s who’s going to be fighting August 1st.”

Mora then addressed more criticism of his fighting style, to which he replied: “Yes. I’ve been labeled the spoiler. I’ve been labeled a lot of names that I actually consider as a good thing, you know. You could see it as positive or negative. You come in the positive things that I’m going to go in there, I’m going to spoil Danny Jacobs’ plans and spoil his promotion plan and spoiler for the fans is the negative that I’m going to come in and win.

“I decided to go in there – when in the fights with Mosley and Vera, I decided to change my style a bit and I actually engaged a little bit more and be a little bit more offensive and take more chances to go for the knockout. But I think I’ve done that. You know, in my last five fights, I knocked down three of my opponents. So I’ve kept my word and I got this opportunity to fight for a world title again.

“With Danny, I’m going to do the same. I’m going to try to go out there and do the same thing that got me into this position. I’m showing them that I can be and I can be crafty. I mostly want to let them know that, “Hey, listen, I got this other side to my game too that I added to that slickness and that craftiness.” Danny also mentioned, if that’s not working, then I got to go to Plan B and C. I’m going to give him different looks just like he’s going to give me. But I’m an excited former champion and waiting to be a new champion August 1st,” he added.

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