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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Ricky Hatton talks Mayweather v Berto, better options

EXCLUSIVE: Ricky Hatton talks Mayweather v Berto, better options

Mayweather, 38, was linked to fights with Amir Khan and Karim Mayfield before ex-WBC champion Berto emerged as the frontrunner, and Hatton says that if the fight is confirmed it won’t be the greatest contest out there for the fans.

“It’s not the best fight as I don’t think Berto is the force he was years ago,” Hatton exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Having said that, Mayweather is running out of opponents to beat after getting to 48-0. But no disrespect to Berto, there are better opponents out there for Mayweather. I can’t for the life of me see Mayweather losing that fight.

“I suppose Berto could raise his game for the big challenge as he’s a very capable fighter, but you know it’s one of those fights where everyone is expecting it to be a shut out for Mayweather. Maybe if his heads not on right he could potentially come unstuck as Berto has got ability.”

Mayweather v Berto is still yet to be officially announced despite being just over six weeks away and Hatton says reports that the fight is heading away from pay-per-view and on to CBS is a good thing following the recent cost of the Pacquiao May 2 event.

“I think it’s fair enough and Mayweather is doing the right thing,” said Hatton. “He knows how expensive it was for fight fans the last time and there was very little to get excited about in the end. From that point of view I think it makes sense.”

Many who believe that September 12 could be Mayweather’s final outing are highly disappointed in the choice of opponent and Hatton does agree that there are at least a trio of better options that the pound for pound king could have plumped for.

“I think Amir Khan, Danny Garcia or Kell Brook should really have been ahead. In fact, I think Brook would be a better fight than Berto as he’s on the way up,” he stated.

“Kell is young and undefeated, but Mayweather hasn’t looked his best in some of his recent fights and maybe that’s why he went for Berto in the end,” added Hatton.