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Home » Attorney: Tony Thompson no cheat, never took PED’s

Attorney: Tony Thompson no cheat, never took PED’s

Speaking to WBN on Thursday, Borao stated that the UK media outlet, which WBN will not formally name, could have been damaging to Thompson’s reputation when circulating the article without seeking both sides of events.

“The undertone of the piece written in the original article, at best, strongly suggests Thompson somehow cheated, thereby ruining David Price’s career,” Borao exclusively told World Boxing News.

“First off, it was the second bout, so Price’s career was already ruined. However, most importantly, the tribunal “also concluded to Mr. Thompson’s advantage that while his attitude towards the anti-doping process can be described as lackadaisical at best, at no point did he display any mischievous or dishonest intent.”

“Mr. Thompson has never taken a PED in his career and any suggestion otherwise is completely unwarranted and irresponsible reporting.”

Thompson won the first bout five months earlier to set-up the return, and despite Price making a comeback, the Briton has since seen his career take another wrong turn with a crushing knockout loss to Erkan Teper in Germany.