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Home » Brook: I know Khan talks are on the way, fight is well overdue

Brook: I know Khan talks are on the way, fight is well overdue

The 28 year-old has been chasing a high-profile UK clash with Khan for years without success and finally believes the event can happen due to recent comments by his potential future opponent.

“I know that talks are on the way. It looks like British fans might finally get the fight that is well overdue,” Brook told Sky Sports.

“I’m due to fight in October and I think he is expected to fight in November, so let’s get those wins and build towards a huge summer showdown next year.

“It will fill any open-air arena. I think it will build into an even bigger fight, so we might have to build it up a little bit more.”

After watching stablemate Carl Froch fulfil his dream of fighting in front of 80,000 people at Wembley Stadium in May 2014, Brook can almost touch what would certainly be the pinnacle of his career next year.

“It would mean everything, especially being involved in boxing all my life. It doesn’t get any bigger than walking out in your own country, with a packed out stadium, full of people anticipating the fight,” said Brook.

“It would be so satisfying because I’m hearing the name, I’m hearing about the fight wherever I go, whatever I do, so it will put a lot of things to bed.

“It’s been too long and I think the fight has to happen,” he added.

Khan, also 28, has outlined to Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn the stipulations that will eventually lead to a contract being signed, although the Olympian’s agreement still hinges on his world title holding nemesis facing some of the biggest names out there in the meantime.