Arum sending doctor to Pacquiao for evaluation in August

Phil Jay 29/07/2015

Top Rank boss Bob Arum says he is ‘fine’ with Manny Pacquiao avoiding a trip to the United States for an assessment on his injured shoulder after the fighter sent a video of his self-rehab.

Pacquiao, 35, has been recovering from surgery in the wake of his defeat to Floyd Mayweather Jr in May and Arum had initially stated that the ex-world champion should travel to the US for a check-up. The ‘Pacman’ then decided against the idea, although Arum isn’t worried and is happy for a medical examination to take place in the Philippines.

“It is fine with me if he’s not going to be here in the US at the end of the month because the doctor was amazed when he watched the three-minute self-rehab video of Manny,” Arum told The Manila Times.

“A doctor will go there to the Philippines in the next couple of weeks to evaluate Manny’s shoulder and I’m really optimistic about it.”

Asked about a possible timescale on a full recovery ahead of a return to the ring, Arum added: “I cannot say anything yet about his next fight since he is not yet healed.”

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