The Flavour of Knuckles: Short movie to honour Jose Sulaiman


A short film entitled “ The Flavor of knuckles” inspired by the life and achievements of legendary World Boxing Council President Jose Sulaiman Chagnon, will be filmed in Ciudad Tamaulipas by Dante Silva.

Dante Silva, from Tamaulipas, was one of the persons benefited with a grant by ITCA and CONACULTA.

ITCA just announced that “ The Flavor of the Knuckles” is a short film inspired by the determination and triumphs of the WBC Lifetime President, José Sulaiman Chagnon, who changed the face of Boxing.

The story portrays a young man who fought for excellence and achieved brilliance. This gem of a film, instills universal values, desires of building a better world and how to write a different and singular history, in spite of adverse conditions.

“Flavor of Knuckles” is a piece of work that describes the life of a great fighter for justice from a real social perspective.