Scott Harrison’s family clueless as to where fighter is being held

MBC 28/07/2015

On Friday last week, Scott Harrison was extradited to Spain following appeal judges Lord Carloway, Lady Smith and Lady Clark upholding the decision made by Sheriff Thomas Welsh QC earlier this year.

It was decided that Mr. Harrison must return to Spain to serve a four year prison sentence, with regard to a 2012 charge of assault against three people that was heard in his absence. However, since his extradition his family have been unable to ascertain where the former WBO World Champion is being imprisoned.

Today Mr. Gianluca Di Caro, Vice President of the Malta Boxing Commission, made the following statement.

“It is greatly disappointing that Scott Harrison has been extradited to Spain, I find it almost impossible to comprehend how the Scottish judicial system has failed him so badly.

“Scott has my, and the Malta Boxing Commission’s full support and we are currently in the process of trying to arrange local legal representation for him in Spain. However, as neither his family or his Scottish legal team have any idea where he is being held at this time, it is proving to be a rather fruitless process.

“Earlier on Monday, I spoke with Scott’s father Peter and his fiancée Stacey, neither of whom have heard from Scott since the extradition last Friday. Worse still is the fact that Peter has informed me that the British Consulate are refusing to provide him the location of Scott’s incarceration.

“As such we are calling on both the Spanish and British authorities to provide Scott’s location so that we can arrange for a local lawyer to meet with him, in order to ascertain whether we can find a solution that will enable Scott to be reunited with his family as soon as possible.”