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Home » Perez promoters discusses Crolla fight, fine with England rematch

Perez promoters discusses Crolla fight, fine with England rematch

The Colombian kept hold of his belt with a wafer-thin split decision draw which the general consensus suggests should have gone the way of the challenger in Crolla’s hometown of Manchester, England.

Last week’s clash represented a first defence for 31 year-old Perez who, alongside Crolla, is now the subject of a review by the World Boxing Association over the outcome of the 111-116, 113-113 twice contest.

Whether the WBA rule an immediate rematch doesn’t seem to an issue to the promoters of Perez though as initial talks are already underway for the two fighters to meet again in the near future.


Thompson Boxing’s general manager and matchmaker Alex Camponovo spoke to WBN on Friday and stated that Perez wanted to put things right after an indifferent performance.

“I honestly think Darleys couldn’t get going during certain parts of the fight. It seemed like he lacked his usual pop, but he never backed away from the fight. He always moved forward,” Camponovo told World Boxing News.

“The first point deduction was probably justified. The second one, Crolla was pushing Darley’s head down. I believe the ref was very authoritarian and he was looking more into what Darley was doing than anything else. On certain occasions, he also gave Crolla too much time to recover and rest.

“At the moment we are discussing a rematch and preliminary talks have it going back to the UK. A second fight wouldn’t necessarily have to be fought in the United States or Colombia and we’re completely fine going back to England.

“One issue we have is that the 116-111 scorecard to Crolla was too big of a spread. There were some rounds that were razor sharp close. In that situation, I don’t know how someone can award that many rounds to one fighter,” he added.


Crolla came out publicly recently to declare his desire to meet Perez again in his hometown and all signs at the moment are pointing towards another battle between two very evenly-matched fighters later this year.