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Home » Ceferino Rodriguez signs with Sampson Boxing / Maravilla Box

Ceferino Rodriguez signs with Sampson Boxing / Maravilla Box

26-year-old Rodriguez, from Las Palmas, Islas Canarias, Spain, will be trained by well-known Madrid-based trainer, Gabriel Sarmiento. The five-year pro has already won the Spanish Welterweight, European Union Welterweight, and WBC Latino Welterweight Championships.

Lewkowicz, who has previously worked with Spanish champions Kiko Martinez, Gabriel Campillo and Javier Castillejo, says Rodriguez will make a fine addition to his stable.

“Ceferino Rodriguez has the talent to become another great champion from Spain and I am happy he chose to let Sergio Martinez and I help guide his career,” said Sampson Lewkowicz. “He will be training with one of the best in the sport in Gabriel Sarmiento, so everything is now in place for his career to explode.”

Rodriguez hasn’t ventured out of his homeland to fight often, a fact Lewkowicz says is about to change.

“He is at the international level as a fighter and I will be looking to make moves with him on the world stage,” said Lewkowicz of Rodriguez. “Sergio and I believe he has what it takes to become a champion.”