Frampton: I’ll fight Quigg in Manchester at 122, but I’m the boss in negotiations

The 28 year-old defeated Alejandro Gonzalez Jr in the US last weekend despite being put on the canvas in the first round and suggestions immediately turned to Frampton being tight at the weight. ‘The Jackal’ was reportedly then looking at heading to featherweight which in turn led to disappointment from fans about the Quigg fight potentially being off the table.

IBF champion Frampton is adamant that this is not the case though and says he can safely make 122lbs again in the future, but wants WBA ‘regular’ title holder Quigg to remember his place when it comes to settling the contract for any UK super-fight.

“The message is bring it on if you want, but remember who the A-side fighter here is,” Frampton told BBC Radio. “When you come to negotiate you can’t be making too many demands.

“If he really wants the fight I’m happy to fight him in his own backyard, but we just need to remember who’s the boss when it comes to negotiating.”

On any weight problems, Frampton added: “It’s not as if I’ve suddenly had a growth spurt. I think I stopped growing when I was about 12 years old. I’m a career super-bantamweight if I want to be and I just misjudged things a little bit.

“I can make 8st 10lbs again if I have to. It’s a hard slog to do it, but I’ve done it so many times before,” he added.

Quigg, 26, made an appearance on Sky Sports earlier this week calling on Frampton to agree the fight after he blasted out Kiko Martinez in just two rounds on the same night.