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Home » Mundine gives up on Floyd, explains Trout demands, eyes Maidana or Bradley at 154

Mundine gives up on Floyd, explains Trout demands, eyes Maidana or Bradley at 154

The 40 year-old has been patiently waiting a big fight call since a clash with Trout fell apart on two occasions and wants to secure one of the bigger names at super welterweight sooner rather than later.

‘The Man’ currently holds the WBC silver title, which should give him the opportunity to fight for the full title should Mayweather vacate anytime soon after explaining to WBN that any future fight with Trout is now dead in the water.

“I doubt Floyd will get in touch and I’m not sure who he will fight, but it will probably be someone smaller then him,” Mundine exclusively told World Boxing News.

“It’s a waiting game as I believe I’ll become full champ if he vacates. Does the silver champ get elevated? – I’m not sure, but I just want to fight big names. Maidana or Bradley sounds great and yes I would fight them or anybody.

“I just don’t want promoters to have options on me like with Austin Trout. I want a fight by fight deal meaning I’m a free agent every time I fight. Just like the recent Andrade offer, they wanted three options if I’d won and the money wasn’t very good.

“As always I’d fight anybody, which includes Erislandy Lara, as long as it was a one fight deal and the money was right. I’m silver champion and soon-to-be full so my name holds some weight with the career I’ve had.

“The Trout fight fell over because they wanted options on me to fight in their stable, but I only want to fight names and they couldn’t give me Cotto or Alvarez or in fact anyone from Top Rank or Golden Boy and that isn’t fair on me.

“The first contract for the Trout fight was sweet and just a one fight deal with no option, but then the fight got postponed and they changed the goalposts on the second contract.

“All we just wanted was the original deal, but they wanted options to fight plus a rematch, so we couldn’t come to terms. I’m the champion and I should be asking for options.

“As I said it’s just a waiting games now, but any big names I’ll take them on!”

Mayweather is still yet to decide on whether he will give up his 154 titles to concentrate solely on the welterweight division which leaves Mundine in a no win situation until the next meaningful offer from a ranked challenger comes his way.