McGuigan: Quigg doesn’t merit half the purse for Frampton fight

Phil Jay 17/07/2015

Barry McGuigan has once again lifted the lid on the continued reasons behind a fight between super bantamweight world champions Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg failing to materialize.

IBF title holder Frampton and WBA champion Quigg fight on the same night this weekend when most fans in the UK would rather have seen the pair share a ring together in a blockbuster domestic dust-up.

Contract disagreements are behind the problem as McGuigan says that although Frampton wants the fight, he will do what’s best for his fighter when it comes to negotiating a deal to meet Quigg in what would be a massive event in England or Ireland.

“Very simple situation with Scott Quigg. Scott Quigg has got the regular title. Scott Quigg has never headlined to show, although he’s a champion and I really respect the guy. He thinks I don’t, but I do. I just want to set the record straight in America too. He’s a decent fighter, no question about it,” said McGuigan.

“He never has fought the level of opposition Carl has fought. The real champion is Guillermo Rigondeaux. Scott Quigg doesn’t merit 50% of the purse. Carl has won all his title fights. He’s taken risks. He’s buying out arenas. He’s been a headline act; all of the things that Quigg has not done. Quigg has got the WBA regular title. The real champion is Guillermo Rigondeaux.

“When Hearn took it upon himself to go and ask, he went behind our backs and asked if the fight could be sanctioned as a unification fight. He was told no because the real champion is Guillermo Rigondeaux.

“So with that in mind, we don’t want the regular title. We’re not interested in the regular title. We’re interested in the fight, but not in that title.

“We are of course interested in Guillermo Rigondeaux’s Super world title. That’s a different story. But the fact is, if we’re going to Manchester, we’re putting Carl’s credibility on the line and we’re going into his home first.

“When you come into this fight with a voluntary defense, the guy gets as much as the champion wants to pay him. Or even in the mandatory position, it’s still a 75/25% situation. So we said we’d start at 70/30 but the least we would take would be 60/40, and they wouldn’t play ball. It’s as simple as that.

“So the fight doesn’t matter and therefore we now have a situation where we can fight a number of these great guys, provided Carl gets back and gets past Alejandro on the 18th of July.”

Frampton himself added: “Look, I would like to fight them all. I think the situation with Quigg is he’s outpricing himself on a fight. He thinks he’s worth more than what he is. I was always told by my mother growing up never to sell myself short so I’m not going to sell myself short to Scott Quigg or Eddie Hearn.”

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