Coldwell evaluating Bellew options following Hernandez v Ramirez postponement

Phil Jay 17/07/2015

Trainer Dave Coldwell has addressed the recent postponement of the IBF cruiserweight title clash between champion Yoan Pablo Hernandez and challenger Victor Ramirez which has thwarted Tony Bellew’s immediate plans.

Bellew was promised a shot at the winner of the Hernandez v Ramirez bout, originally scheduled for July 25, although now faces at least a two month delay until the two fighters eventually share a ring to contest the 200lb belt.

With ‘The Bomber’ coming through his warm-up against Ivica Bacurin unscathed last month, Coldwell was looking forward to finding out who Bellew would be facing in his third world championship challenge – but now faces a rethink following a request to push back by Argentinian Ramirez.

“We were very disappointed about the fight as that puts up in a bit of limbo,” Coldwell exclusively told World Boxing News.

“We are waiting and the one thing is I hate waiting and not knowing. I like to know what we are going to do and when we are going to do it.

“It was all set and I was looking forward to July 25th when Hernandez fought Ramirez. I wanted to watch that and see who comes out on top, but then it gets postponed.

“We can only wait and see what the next options is with Tony. At the moment, it’s just seeing what the best option right now is. I think Eddie (Hearn) will pull something out of the bag, no doubt and we just wait for that to be sorted out.”

Asked whether Bellew would need another stay busy outing later this year before a potential world title fight, Coldwell added: “Well we expected to be fighting for a world title straight away as that’s what was happening with Hernandez. Ideally, I would like another fight, but if it has to be a straight world title fight then so be it.”

Proud Evertonian Bellew still harbours strong hopes of fighting in a world title bout at his beloved Goodison Park Stadium and Coldwell believes the 32 year-old is still on track to fulfil his dream despite a reworking of their plans.

“If he wins this world title I don’t see why not. I would hope it would be the first defence, but we’ve got to win the world title first. That’s the ultimate goal,” he said.