Throwdown Fantasy passes $30,000 player winnings this year

Throwdown Fantasy 15/07/2015

Throwdown Fantasy boxing is the newest way to back up your boxing predictions and play for bragging right and of course cash. Over $30,000 has been won so far this year. Fantasy Boxing challenges you to pick the best performing boxers from the upcoming fights, easy right? You receive points for how your picks perform. Do you know your boxing? Prove it.

1. Register at ThrowdownFantasy.com

It takes 30 seconds and is free. Just for signing up, you get a free entry into the weekly $250 freeroll game. If you use the promo code ‘Boxing’ at registration, you get 3 entries (shhhhh)

Throwdown Fantasy Boxing

2. Do your research to make the best picks possible

Research your picks, on ThrowdownFantasy.com, using fight stats and analysis provided by CompuBox and make the most informed picks possible. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to the sweet science.\

Players can also research their fighters past performances to see how they did against different styles of boxers: You can see punches landed, punches thrown, accuracy %, +- rating and their fantasy points total.

.Mayweather Fantasy Boxing record

3. Make your picks

Using the salary cap (of $25,000) pick 5 boxers. The challenge is to pick the best combination of boxers while staying within the salary cap. Favorites will cost more and underdogs will cost less. Is there an underdog in the upcoming fights that is prime for an upset? Which 5 from the #ThurmanCollazo game will you pick?  Your chosen boxers are awarded points for how they preform. Players get points for the outcome of the fight (KO, Decision, DQ), punches landed, knockdowns. They also get bonus points for KO wins, punch connect percentage, plus/minus rating and punches thrown. The scoring seems comprehensive but it allows all types of fighters (boxers, sluggers, defensive fighters) to accumulate points.

4. Score the fights yourself live and compare your scores to others

Exclusively at ThrowdownFantasy.com/fightcentral, you can score the fights live and be the 4th judge (as featured on Fox Sports). Compare your score with other fans and see them on live TV.  

Boxing news

ThrowdownFantasy.com is a great way to test your boxing knowledge and makes every fight feel like the main event! You will find yourself cheering on boxers you usually would not be interested in. There’s always a $250 freeroll games up at throwdownfantasy.com so start playing for free!

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