Mayweather Sr urges son to retire rather than take easy fights

While the boxing world awaits Floyd Mayweather’s announcement on his opponent for a fight eight weeks from Saturday, his father questioned over the weekend whether he should bother.

Mayweather has a Sept. 12 fight pending but his father, who also trains him, warned that boxing powers may be politically inclined to hasten his fall from the unbeatens, if an opportunity presents itself, after a May 2 win over Manny Pacquiao produced far more profits than action.

“If he don’t stop, it’s showing — the analysts, everybody, they don’t like Floyd. When it goes like this, it’s just a matter of time. They’re looking for the next guy,” Floyd Mayweather Sr. said.

The younger Mayweather has said his September fight could be his last.

He is 38 years old and unbeaten in a brilliant 48-fight, 19-year career.

Mayweather Sr. said, “Floyd told me he just wants to get a couple of easy fights,” which would suggest his son intends to fight into 2016.

“My honest opinion, if he feels that way, he should get on out of the game,” Mayweather Sr. added.

Mayweather Sr. said he isn’t as concerned about the belated fight announcement as his son’s clearly fading interest in boxing.

“Anybody’s body, 20 years, anybody’s body gets tired — and it’s been every day of 20 years, and longer, for my son,” he said.

Courtesy of David Mayo of Follow David on Twitter @David_Mayo