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‘The Carl Froch fighting machine has well and truly gone’

The 38 year-old announced on Tuesday that he had fought his last fight after 35 professional bouts having signed a deal with Sky Sports to continue his work as an analyst.

“If I wanted to fight then physically I could, but mentally I don’t think it’s there,” Froch told Sky Sports.

“I just think the desire have well and truly gone. I think when the desire has gone you’ve got to be honest and say that’s it.

“As much as it hurts and as hard as it is for me, and it really is hard even when it’s been a year and the fighting machine is gone, it’s not going to come back.

“I think I’ll always be itching for the big fight as there’s no better feeling for me than standing victorious in the arena and I’m never going to get that again now.

“I don’t know where I’m going to get that feeling from, but maybe it’s not. That’s what’s going to be difficult for me to do, but there comes a time in every man’s career when he’s got to say; ‘that’s it, enough is enough.’

Froch lost just twice throughout his career, one of which he avenged against Mikkel Kessler in 2013, although will forever be remembered by UK fans for his KO of George Groves in May 2014.

World’s best Andre Ward proved the toughest nut for Froch to crack, but there’s no shame in going down to the best and Froch has already cemented his place as a British boxing great.