Vargas protests Bradley loss, petitions for rematch and NC

Team Vargas 10/07/2015

Jessie Vargas has asked the World Boxing Organization (WBO) for a direct rematch and a no-contest for the recent welterweight title contest against Timothy Bradley on 27 June at the StubHub Center in Carson, California.

The fighter, accompanied by his advisor Enric Ramon, addressed a press conference on Friday at the restaurant El Candlestick in which he explained with video and photographs that he had won the contest by TKO when referee Pat Russell stopped the bout in the 12th round when there were eight seconds left.

On a giant video screen, Vargas showed that when he hit a forehand onto the jawbone of Bradley, the American miraculously stumbled and fell to the canvas. He also has no lateral movement to escape the fists of Vargas, who followed him and cornered against the ropes and proceeded to punish him to the body. The referee then intervened, separating Jessie to decree the end of the fight and a knockout for the Mexico-US.

However, when the team of Vargas celebrated the victory by knockout, the announcer Lupe Contreras announced that the fight was finished with a victory for Bradley by decision as the fans booed at the StubHub Center.

“I will send a letter to Mr. Francisco Valcarcel, president of the World Boxing Organization requesting direct rematch and that the outcome of the fight is a ‘no contest’ because with this ‘defeat’ I lost my undefeated record. I just want justice, so I will send a request to the California State Athletic Commission also,” said Jessie.

Vargas then added, “I intend to resolve this situation in the best way possible, without hurting boxing which is my beloved sport. I am a fighter and my whole life depends on boxing and I just ask that justice be done. “

“The referee stopped the fight, and I was confident that he had won by knockout. He warned both fighters in the dressing that he would stop the fight if either one of us was hurt, and his words were; ‘in my ring nobody is going to die’.

Advisor Ramon stated: “We want to regain the credibility of boxing and we do not want to be problematic with the agencies or entities. It is a mistake and it is wise to change the result. 

Ramon said he will insist to the OMB and the California Commission that the unjust defeat of Jessie Vargas, the first of his career is reversed; “In boxing, it is always an advantage to be undefeated, that’s why Floyd Mayweather Jr. is what he is. It’s because zero sells,”he concluded.