Jamie Moore remembers his ‘greatest night’ ten years on

Sky Sports 10/07/2015

British great Jamie Moore’s latest Sky Sports Boxing feature entitled ‘My Greatest Night’ and is now available via Sky Sports content.

This week marked the 10-year anniversary of Jamie Moore’s epic 3rd fight with Liverpool’s Michael Jones. Going into the fight Jamie had a renewed passion for the sport, following the birth of his first child, Mikey

‘My Son being born was the best feeling I ever had. To see him being born was amazing. I thought, everything I do now is for my family’

Then on fight week, Jamie’s Grandmother passed away.

‘My Nanna had passed, 2 days before the fight. I had to sit there and watch her die. I had a new born son, I was coming off back-to-back losses . . . I thought, I’ve got to win this fight’

For Jamie, the pressure and emotion was beginning to engulf him. Then he had a chance backstage meeting with his long-time friend Ricky Hatton…

‘It was probably about 30 minutes before the fight. Every boxer will tell you sometimes you can get too deep into your own mind. I had a little bit of a meltdown to be honest! I heard somebody say ‘I hope you’re not bottling it! For the use of a better word! I looked up and it was Ricky (Hatton). He said ‘listen, don’t let your mind run away with you. You can win this. Forget about your Nanna, think about Boxing’ – And that was it, all those negative thoughts went out of my mind, and I was back focused, and ready to do the job’

Watch the video here