Hermanator heading to China on September 12

TGW & Smithy 08/07/2015
Smithy TGW

HERMAN ENE-PURCELL MAY OF FAILED to claim the Queensland heavyweight title on TGW & Smithy Bring the Big Fights 10 – but he lost no admirers. In fact he gained a new admirer and a very influential one at that – Liu Gang.

Liu Gang is China’s biggest promoter and a pioneer of the sport in his homeland after he went to the olympics and became China’s first ever professional boxer.

Mr Gang offered the Hermanator a chance to fight on his upcoming show on September 12 in Hangzhou China.

After some negotiations with Brendon Smith a deal has been struck for Herman to take on India’s Gurlal Singh.

“Herman is an exciting heavyweight and he will be well received in China,” Liu Gang said.

“I saw enough on June 27 to want him on my next show.

“My next show will be see by in excess of 80 million viewers through China cctv5.

“Herman is in good hands in Australia with Brendon Smith and I hope we can work together more and more as times goes on. I think Herman can become a big name in Asia.”

Not only is this bout the biggest opportunity of Ene-Purcell’s career – it’s also the biggest challenge of his career.

Gurlal Singh, from India – is 6-1, all six of his wins coming by way of knock out. Four of those knock outs coming within the first three rounds.

“There is no question about it – this is a big challenge for Herman,” Brendon Smith said.

“Singh’s record says it all, six wins just the one loss – six by knock out.

“We’re flying a bit blind here and obviously will be heavy under dogs in this bout but it’s too good an opportunity to let go of.

“Liu Gang is doing amazing things in China and boxing is on the rise over there.

“It’s great Liu wants Herman to be a part of it.

“Despite accepting we will be heavy under dogs I will say this – I have a massive amount of faith in Herman Ene-Purcell.

“It was disappointing to lose to Joel Clifton, but it’s not the end of the world and most importantly it was another learning curve in Herman’s career.

“He proved he can fight a good solid eight rounds and I know how much he will improve from the Joel Clifton bout.

“You have to remember Herman didn’t have any amateur background, he’s only been boxing about 18 months and he’s just twenty years of age.

“There is so much upside to this young man and I firmly believe in time he will prove that.

“I firmly believe we can go to China and record a win and then all of a sudden Herman’s name is all over China.

“We’re going over to win and I believe we can win,” Smith said.

With the news of a September 12 bout Ene Purcell only took a few days off following his June 27 State title bout.

“I’m hungry,” Ene-Purcell said. “I was straight back into the gym even before this bout in China was finalised.

“This is a big opportunity for me and I cant thank Mr Liu Gang enough.

“For some one like him to want me on his show is humbling for me.

“I have this opportunity and I will make the most of it.

“Gurlal Singh is obviously a good fighter and carries a lot of power, but I think I can handle what ever he throws at me.

“I’ll be trying my best anyway,” Ene Purcell said.