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Home » Mundine asks Mayweather to ‘Holla Back’ as Trout clash collapses

Mundine asks Mayweather to ‘Holla Back’ as Trout clash collapses

The Aussie was due to meet Trout on May 9 until an ear ailment forced Mundine to postpone the contest and ‘The Man’ has now revealed the fight is dead in the water.

The anticipated rescheduling of Anthony Mundine’s WBC Super Welterweight Silver Title defence with Austin Trout has been called-off.

Negotiations to reschedule the fight in the USA have been underway since May when Mundine was forced to withdraw from the original May 9th bout in Texas due to injury.

Anthony fully recovered from his ear injury suffered in training and set-out to reschedule the fight with Trout at the promoters earliest possible opportunity (mid August). Team BOXA and Anthony Mundine were unable to get a confirmed date on a Premier Boxing Champions show and new terms proposed by Promoter were unworkable and unacceptable to Team Mundine.

Anthony is disappointed that it’s taken so long to get to this point and wanted to fight Austin Trout. Several attempts were made to save the fight, including hosting the fight in Australia with Mundine’s local promoter Brian Amatruda; however the new contractual terms could not be agreed with the US promoter, therefore the fight will not go ahead.

We will hold a press conference in the coming days to communicate plans for his next moves which will see Mundine take on the biggest names in the Super Welterweight 154lb division.

With an opportunity to fight Austin Trout taken away from him for the third time, Mundine calls out the biggest names ranked above him to challenge. Such names as Floyd Mayweather, Miguel Cotto, Saul Alvarez & Manny Pacquiao among those in his sights.

Anthony Mundine is the current WBC Super Welterweight Silver Champion, and is the mandatory challenger to WBC Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. The WBC have just released a statement noting Floyd Mayweather is yet to vacate his title. We will seek instructions from the WBC regarding Mayweather’s obligations to defend his belt or vacate and look forward to their recommendations.

A second release from Mundine through quickly followed the first as ‘Choc’ laid his feelings bare about his desire to meet world number one Mayweather in the ring on September 12.

My man Floyd!

My name is Anthony “The Man” Mundine! I am the uncrowned best athlete of all time! (check my resume). I was a rugby superstar before I quit at the top of my game due to racism & politics to take up boxing!

No amateur background. I wanted to be world champ … I fought fighters far more experience than me from the start. I got 6 losses (same as you) from 53 fights. I had to learn on the job as I had no amateur experience. I believe when I’m mentally on, I can beat anybody! I’m charismatic, flamboyant, artistic, explosive athlete & fighter!

I’ve held WBA 168lb title twice the IBO middleweight, WBA interim 154lb title & reigning 154 WBC silver champion (your mandatory). I think you the best of our era & everybody wanna fight you — but I’m the wonder from down under & the only one that can solve the mayvinchi code!

So what Im trying to get at is I’m hoping to land the fight with you in Sept! You don’t ask … you don’t get Consider a colourful character who’s your mandatory for September. It won’t be boring before, during or after the fight!

Floyd Mayweather exchange punches with Manny Pacquiao.

I heard you mentioned names like Mayfield & Berto as your next opponents. Im the mandatory and that should looked at. I’ve got other attributes that none of these cats got! Makes for a good boxing spectacle both in and outta the ring. Its what the boxing fans need to see!

I revived boxing in my country. It was dead and I gave it mouth-to-mouth — and i’ve held it down for 15 years! And the Australian media doing their best to belittle me and keep me from my destiny. We have the tall poppy syndrome here. They wanna cut down the successful. And after all my achievements in two sports they still wont give me the credit. But thats cool. I already know im the best 2 sport champion ever. I dont need their validation. Thats why ima reachin out to you Floyd. Put on a Boxing spectacular.

You want show time — I am show time! Somebody the world needs to see! I’ll give you a way better go than you been getting! It’s a 50-50 fight! Best athlete v best fighter??? Both got fast feet fast hands & fast mouth haha … or relinquish the Title as you’re preventing fighters like me in this position to take on the other champions or the bigger names in sport!

Ask Sugar Shane if I can handle the stage! Ima fan of yours but I truly believe you were put on this earth for me to beat inshallah! No disrespect just my belief … I come from the land of the Kanagaroo where us natives shake a leg. Let’s go!

holla back

Yours sincerely,

The Man (Choc)