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MayPac 2 the casualty following Top Rank decision to sue Haymon

Earlier this week, Bob Arum’s long-running company brought a $100m lawsuit to the table citing that Haymon was aiming to build a boxing monopoly through his newly-formed Premier Boxing Champions series.

Haymon has been accused of withholding venues to stop other promoters staging events there and breaking the Muhammad Ali act through his promoting and managing of fighters simultaneously. This has now led to what is set to be a messy court battle between Top Rank and the controversial boxing figure.

As Mayweather has close ties to Haymon, and it was a struggle for all to work together for the first Pacquiao fight, the hopes of the pair ever sharing the ring again may have now been dashed forever. The relationship between Mayweather and Arum was a major factor in the fight taking so long to be made, so for them to put even more animosity behind them seems a nigh on impossible task.


Mayweather and Pacquiao’s first encounter on May 2 failed to live up to expectations, although an injury to the Filipino raised some doubts and ‘Money’ is not going to make the kind of cash he made pitting himself against anyone else in the future.

Pacquiao is out until at the very least April 2016 due to surgery on his shoulder ailment, whilst Mayweather hasn’t made it abundantly clear that his career will end this September once his Showtime contract comes to an end.

Any possible rematch would be at least on hold until the spring of next year, although bad blood between both sides could be considerably worse by that time and could mean that the MayPac saga is now a thing of the past.