Rihanna gags Floyd Mayweather at BET Awards (video)

Floyd Mayweather was given a taste of his own medicine over the weekend as superstar recording artist Rihanna found a novel way to keep the pound for pound king quiet.

The singer, who has enjoyed massive hits such as ‘Umbrella’, ‘All of the Lights’ and ‘4, 5 seconds’, used duct tape to subdue Mayweather as the pair set next to each other for the ceremony.

Mayweather is usually the one who shuts his opponents up and has done for his entire career as 48 opponents have tried and 48 have failed in a glittering spell in boxing over 19 years.

‘Money’ has claimed eleven world titles in five different weight division since turning pro after the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and is the highest paid sportsman in the world turning over $300m in the last twelve months.

Video credit to BET