Cedric Bellais defeats Thomas Man in Tahiti

Bellais was originally scheduled to fight George Hillyard from England for the Super Middleweight title, but when Hillyard pulled out Man was brought in to save the main event of the show promoted by AS Te U´ino Manotahi, and it was changed to be for the Light Heavyweight crown.

The home-fighter didn’t show much gratitude towards the visitor, as he came out fast in the first round and overwhelmed Man to stop him in the first round with a perfectly placed shot to the liver.

Referee Christophe Hembert from France waved the fight off at 0:36, making it one of the fastest stoppages in WBF history.

The new champion improved his professional record to 18-6-3 (8), while Czech national titlist Man travels home with a 13-10-1 (8) ledger.