Boyd Melson presents case to Congress for Team Fight to Walk

When Dr. Patricia Morton, Dr. Wise Young and Captain Boyd “Rainmaker” Melson presented their case to Congress at a briefing in Washington, DC they had one goal in mind.

The goal, which has been the focal point of Melson’s life since meeting Christan Zaccagnino 13 years ago, is to see her walk again. Zaccagnino suffered a diving accident as a child that left her paralyzed from the waist down and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since.

A major step for Zaccagnino being able to potentially walk again would be congress approving a clinical trial to take place in the United States focusing on non embryonic stem cell research. The trial, which samples random patients, includes surgery and rehabilitation with the end result hopefully being that person walking again. In China, this trial produced great results under the lead of Dr. Young and a number of the patients were able to walk again following surgery and three months therapy.

On June 22, Morton, Young and Melson emphatically presented their case at the Rayburn House Office Building in our nation’s capital.

With a packed room filled with interested parties, Dr. Morton, Director of Planning and Development for the Spinal Cord Injury Project, served as the moderator. Dr. Young, widely considered the best in the world for Spinal Cord Care, presented scientific data to support why the trial would be successful in America. Melson moved members of the audience and congress by detailing how he’s risked his life as a professional boxer to raise funds to cure Chronic Spinal Cord Injuries. Ms. Ida Cahill, CEO of Conqueor Paralysis now, and Dr. Balpreet Grewal-Virk, whose father was paralyzed during Hurricane Sandy, also gave heartfelt speeches.

Overall, each speaker played a key role by presenting different reasons why they believe the trial needs to take place and can be the reason hundreds of thousands of paralyzed Americans are able to walk again.

“Everything went perfectly,” said an ecstatic Melson. “Congressman Fattah really had our back too and I owe everybody who was there special thanks. Tuesday was one of the most important days of my entire life and even though we may be waiting a little bit for the word if this trial officially gets the green light, my confidence is at an all-time high. Members of congress understood the importance of these trials and the results from China presented by Dr. Young can’t be denied. If this briefing were a fight, it definitely would’ve been a knockout in our favor!”

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