Ruslan Chagaev trains with Adrian Granat at EC Gym (photos)

EC Boxing 26/06/2015

Ruslan Chagaev has been preparing in Hamburg Gym the EC-Box Promotion gym prior to his first title defense against the Gelsenkirchen-based Francesco Pianeta.

In Magdeburg, the world champion of the WBA battles his challenger over 12 rounds on July 11. 

Sparring under the direction of his coach Artur Grigorian is in full swing. In addition, Chagaev has been training with Adrian Granat as Pianeta is left-handed and so is Granat. 

“Adrian is 24 years and has had six professional fights at the very beginning of his career. Still, he’s a very respectable opponent for me to train with,” said Chagaev, singing the praises of his training partner. For coach Artur

For coach Artur Grigorian, the size of Granat was crucial. “Pianeta is 16 centimeters taller than Ruslan. Therefore, it was important to me to get a really tall guy on the team,” he said. 

Granat has a height of 2.02 meters and was an ideal solution for the world champion.

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