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Home » Markussen signs with Sauerland, promised Nielsen grudge match

Markussen signs with Sauerland, promised Nielsen grudge match

“We are happy to announce that Rudy Markussen has signed a multi-fight contract with Team Sauerland,” said promoter Nisse Sauerland.

Rudy Markussen’s first fight is scheduled for September at the Nordic Fight Night series.

“If Rudy wins the fight, he will face Patrick Nielsen before the end of the year,” said Nisse Sauerland.

Rudy Markussen last entered the ring in December 2012, claiming a first round knockout victory against Daniel Regi in Herning, Denmark.

“With all formalities in place and having signed the contract, I am really looking forward to making a great comeback,” said Rudy ‘Hardhitter’ Markussen.

“It is a dream becoming reality. This is my chance to live out the burning desire I have inside of me,” said Markussen, psyching himself up for what will be the biggest showdown in Danish boxing for decades.

“A fight against Patrick Nielsen motivates me like no other. The fans can look forward to a spectacular fight!”

The date of the event in September and the following domestic clash against Patrick Nielsen have yet to be determined, however both are expected to be announced shortly.