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Home » Berto comments on Mayweather fight, aims to make history

Berto comments on Mayweather fight, aims to make history

The 31 year-old, who is on a two-fight winning streak following some indifferent form, has been named by Mayweather, 38, as a potential opponent for the final fight of his Showtime contract and is putting in the work just incase confirmation comes.

“(I’ve been doing) Great work with my track coach Arron Thigpen at his game speed facility. (There’s) No fight date, no opponent, (but I’m) staying ready,” said Berto.

“If this fight with Floyd happens or not I want u all to know who I am. I’m not coming for a paycheck. Damn that, (I’m) coming to make history!”

Former WBC belt holder Berto also had a message for those who have said he isn’t worthy of facing Mayweather, by adding: “(To the) True fight fans much love. Since I was eight years old I busted my ass in the gym so I can take care my family and give the best shows for the people.”

Amir Khan is thought to be the frontrunner to be in the opposite corner to Mayweather this fall, although middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin has begun training to boil down to light middleweight after previously throwing his hat into the ring.

Karim Mayfield and current IBF king Kell Brook are two other names that could potentially make the cut for a career-best payday from the pound for pound best – with an official announcement expected from Mayweather by the first week of July.