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Home » De La Hoya backtracks on ‘never coming back,’ wants Mayweather v GGG winner

De La Hoya backtracks on ‘never coming back,’ wants Mayweather v GGG winner

The 42 year-old, who retired in 2008 following a one-sided loss to Manny Pacquiao, previously made an off the cuff remark to a radio station that he may launch a comeback – before backing it up by naming Gennady Golovkin as a potential opponent.

Mayweather then called De La Hoya’s bluff and asked for a rematch, which was quickly followed by the Golden Boy promoter making what was though to be his final remark on any potential ring return. On Monday though, De La Hoya has confirmed that he will fight again, but only if Mayweather first takes on Golokvin himself this September.

Golovkin has been calling out Mayweather for a while now as the hard-punching Kazakh is adamant that he can boil down to 154, although the pound for pound king doesn’t seem to want to entertain the idea at the moment.

De La Hoya’s stipulation could have come too late anyway as it seems likely that Mayweather will relinquish his titles at 154 and just defend his welterweight belts when he complete his Showtime contract on September 12 at the MGM Grand.

The time frame also comes into play as Golovkin has just over eleven weeks to safely shed the extra six pounds for the first time in his career, which would mean De La Hoya can stay happily retired and not risk another damaging defeat following seven years away.