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Home » Khan: If I fought Mayweather, I’m naturally the bigger guy, stronger

Khan: If I fought Mayweather, I’m naturally the bigger guy, stronger

Khan, 28, spoke about the fight at last week’s Boxing Hall of Fame event and is sure that he would have the tools to give Mayweather a run for his money in what is set to be the welterweight king’s Showtime swansong.

“Floyd makes the decision as to whether he fights me or not, but I think I have proven myself many times now and I think it’s time for Floyd to face a style that he’s not faced for a long time,” Khan stated.

“I think I’d be a lot more explosive as due to Mayweather size and style. Against Pacquiao, Pacquiao didn’t throw combinations they were he normally does and I couldn’t believe that Floyd threw more punches than Pacquiao did.

“If I ever fought him, I think I’m naturally the bigger guy and I’m stronger. I’ve got the speed, power and I’ve got a very high work-rate. I think it’s the work-rate that will give him the biggest problems.”

Mayweather recently mentioned Andre Berto and Karim Mayfield as potential opponents for his 49th pro bout, although this is just thought to be a smokescreen for a potential fight with Khan or even compatriot Kell Brook.

‘Money’ fighting Berto or Mayfield would be a huge comedown from his recent pay-per-view record-breaker against Manny Pacquiao and would not make viable business sense as Mayweather marks the end of his lucrative network deal.