Julio Cesar Chavez Sr in top shape for July 3 charity bout (photo)

WBC 20/06/2015

Julio César Chávez is temporarily returning to the ring to support the onslaught and struggle against addictions.

Julio commented he will spar on July 3rd in Culiacan against his compatriot, Mario “Azabache” Martinez, who was his first rival with a world title on the line. The rematch will happen three decades after their original slugfest, but this time with benefit a worthy cause. They will use facial protectors, in order to retain their good looks.

“I am going to fight wearing head covering . It is an exhibition in Culiacan. I will complete against “Azabache” in the rematch we never had. We will offer a great show to the fans,” promised Julio.

The 52 year-old is looking in great shape. The plan is to have 4 rounds with him plus Another two with a rival still to be determined.

This is not the first fight of this kind Julio has completed. A couple of months ago he had an exhibition match in Hermosillo, Sonora.

The funds collected will be directed to the clinics ” Baja el Sol” that support people in their brave struggle with addictions. The clinics are located in Tijuana and Culiacan.

“It is not easy to maintain a clinic. You have to pay doctors, electricity bills, water bills, and sometimes is hard for me. Lots of people are not able to pay for the service, but we won’t deny them the service. They came crying and I must help pay for this, that’s why I do this. This is a constant fight to help others.

“I was an addict in the past, I know what it is to suffer with this terrible sickness, I was close to death. I met the devil, but thank God and Jose Sulaiman, I progressed and I am completely healthy and aware that an addiction can take you to the graveyard. It’s for this precise reason that I’m helping others with my experience.”

The three times world Champion also has the project of opening rehab clinics in Guadalajara and Mexico City. His greatest dream is helping the most people he can.