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Home » Broner: If I whoop Shawn and his dad, will I get paid twice?

Broner: If I whoop Shawn and his dad, will I get paid twice?

Porter’s senior and junior have always enjoyed a tight bond and Broner has used this to his amusement throughout the build-up. At the final opportunity before they collide on Saturday, Broner took no exception.

“I’m fighting Shawn Porter and I’m fighting his dad. It’s like I’m fighting his dad because the check comes in his dad’s name, then he pays Shawn,” said Broner.

“Since both Shawn and his dad get a check, if I whoop both of them, will I get paid twice?

“I like Shawn as a person, but he gets so much negative energy from his dad. That’s just the truth.

“After I whoop you, Shawn, come sign with About Billions and I’ll buy you a nicer car than your dad’s. I already wrote out the contract,” he joked.

The winner of tonight’s bout is said to be in with a chance of hitting the jackpot of a challenge against Floyd Mayweather Jr on September 12, which could conceivably pit Broner against his great friend and mentor in a teacher versus student match-up.

Granted that if Broner wins the likelihood of a meeting with Mayweather is slight, although the dollar signs any encounter could generate may prove to be too much for the outspoken stars to turn down.