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Home » GGG questioning Mayweather’s manhood, minimal affect going to 154, says trainer Sanchez

GGG questioning Mayweather’s manhood, minimal affect going to 154, says trainer Sanchez

Sanchez says a clash with pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. is realistic if given the thumbs up and he has the correct methods to bring Golovkin down to super welterweight without having too much impact on the Kazakh’s power.

Mayweather stated on Wednesday that he is confident he could beat ‘GGG’ without confirming that an encounter was possible in the future. ‘Money’ is set to complete his Showtime contract on September 12 and Sanchez believes Mayweather has some queries to address as hype over fight reaches fever pitch with fans.

“Floyd is a great fighter who in my opinion hasn’t had a mental challenge in a very long time,” Sanchez exclusively told World Boxing News on Thursday.


“With all the talk about a GGG fight and people asking questions, it is questioning Mayweather’s ego and manhood, so he is fighting back.”

Regarding the weight issue, Sanchez added: “I have said that if given enough lead time, 154 would be very possible. Difficult yes, but possible. That is why this fight would be intriguing, what would both guys at that weight bring on fight night? And would GGG be too diminished or Floyd to strong and mobile to be caught?”

Sanchez admitted that dropping in weight would have an experimental element to it, but is fully secure that Golovkin’s professionalism would be a huge factor in him being able to shed the necessary six pounds to meet Mayweather head on.

“We have never done this, and I think it would affect some fighters, but GGG is such a good student he would allow me to do it my way and avoid the dramatic change. This way, the effect on his body would be minimal,” he said.

As Showtime currently broadcast Mayweather’s fights and Golovkin is signed to HBO, Sanchez was finally asked to give his thoughts on whether this could be a stumbling block and potentially delay the clash until 2016.


“I think if Floyd is serious those network issues will get worked out no problem,” added Sanchez.