Clifton: I don’t buy into all the Hermanator hype

TGW & Smithy 18/06/2015
Smithy TGW

Joel Clifton has declared Herman Ene-Purcell will fall on June 27. Clifton has set the scene for an explosive heavyweight showdown for the Queensland title on the TGW & Smithy bring the big fight’s 10 card.

“Too big, too fast, too fit and too strong,” Clifton declared. “I respect that Herman has power, he has knockout power no doubt about it, but so does every heavyweight.

“You need more than just power if you want to take the next step and I feel I have something Herman definitely hasn’t.

“We have watched a lot of his past bouts and we’ve wanted this one for a while.

“There is one common factor in all of Herman’s fight’s – he fades quickly.

“The pressure I will apply he simply won’t be able to handle. After about three or four rounds he will fizzle and I wont.

“My strongest aspect is fitness, work rate and pressure. Plus I have no fear of Herman Ene-Purcell.

“I respect him, but I don’t buy into all the hype.

“Is his bark bigger than the bite – I know the answer..and when I have the Queensland title wrapped around my waist so will everyone else.”Clifton said.

Herman Ene-Purcell and Joel Clifton will re-create history when they lock horns on June 27. The last time a State heavyweight title was held in the garden city was August 27, 1910 when David ‘Chewy’ Williams knocked out Joe Lee in the seventh round to claim the belt.

“I understand it’s been a long wait in Toowoomba for a bout of this stature but I’m sorry it won’t be worth the wait,” Clifton said.

“You might need to wait another 105 years before the title comes back.

“With my trainer Shaggy King we’ve had the perfect preparation, I couldn’t be any better for this one.

“I’ve had some fantastic sparring including with Alex Leapai.

“Herman can’t hit as hard as Alex so I know I can handle anything he has to throw my way. I can’t wait for June 27.

“This is a title I badly want to win and I can’t wait to return home with the belt around my waist,”Clifton said.

Despite Clifton’s words Herman Ene-Purcell isn’t fazed.

“I’m excited by the opportunity to lock horns with another of Queensland’s top heavyweight prospects,” Ene-Purcell said.

“It’s also an honour to fight on this special card and to compete in the first Queensland heavyweight title bout in Toowoomba in 105 years.

“Joel Clifton is entitled to his opinion. He doesn’t think I have the stamina to go the distance, we’ll find out on the night won’t we.

“I’m really happy with my training camp, I can’t say thanks enough to Brendon Smith, Steven Spark and all of my training partners.

“June 27 means so much to all of us and I hope to be crowned Queensland champion on the night.

“I’ll be giving it my best anyway,” Ene-Purcell said.