Editor’s view: If it truly is Mayweather’s final fight, he has to face GGG

Phil Jay 16/06/2015

The rumour mill is in full swing once again as an announcement on who Floyd Mayweather Jr will fight on September 12 is said to be just a short time away.

Mayweather, 37, has previously confirmed that the completion of his lucrative Showtime contract in the fall will bring down the curtain on his stellar career – but whether that actually happens is a different story.

Can the ‘Money’ man resist coming back again and again for those mammoth paychecks? – I highly doubt it. Although if he does somehow stay true to his word, then there is only one man the veteran should fight in his MGM Grand swansong.

Step forward the most feared fighter on the planet…Gennady Golovkin.

The Kazakh is willing to boil himself down to 153 or 154lbs, safely in his estimation, to challenge Mayweather for his pound for pound crown and is totally confident that he could add the American to his amazing list of knockouts.

‘GGG’ has won his last 20 straight contests early and is certainly the next viable option looking down the list of the best around meaning Mayweather should look no further. There are some that would even place Mayweather as the underdog in that fight – which would be something not experienced by the boxing legend for some time.

Those who want to see Amir Khan get the fight would be digging up the possibility of another letdown, if Mayweather does what he usually does and figures out his opponent early. With Golovkin, there would be that element of excitement throughout as it could only take one punch from the 90 percent KO artist to end it all.

Even saying that, Golovkin has all the tools to break you down bit by bit – and given Mayweather’s age, he would be tagged plenty and would have more than some style tweaking to do to avoid what’s coming his way.

Granted that the weight is a huge issue with this fight as Golovkin looks to be a fully-fledged 160lber and going down seven pounds for the first time in his entire professional career may have damaging repercussions for the WBA and IBO title holder.

It may well be that reason why Mayweather would fancy the job though and take on what is a momentous task. It would make it considerably harder for people to argue when the former Olympic silver medallist calls himself ‘The Best Ever’ should Mayweather do to Golovkin what he did so emphatically to Manny Pacquiao.

Fans want the best to fight best, and other than a rematch with Miguel Cotto at 157lbs, Golovkin is the top-rated contender around – but whether Mayweather decides to risk it all in September is a completely different argument.

The smart money is on Mayweather choosing Kell Brook or Keith Thurman, both of whom hold world titles at 147lbs.

Khan seems set to miss out for a fifth time as Mayweather sidesteps his speed and Cotto is already locked in talks with Canelo Alvarez over a massive clash for the WBC middleweight title.

Should Mayweather surprise all and go for it against Golovkin, he would add even those most staunch doubters about his greatness to his fan club, and if he could pull off the victory in his twilight years, there would be no more questions to answer.