Ex-boxer Anthony Small accused of trying to join Islamic State

Anthony Small

At one point in his life, Anthony Small was a professional boxer enjoying success in his native country of Great Britain. Now, the ex-British and Commonwealth super welterweight champion has been accused of inciting racial hatred and attempting to join the radical Islamic State terrorist group.

Small, who turns 34 this month, ended his fighting career in 2010. He lost just two of 25 contests.

The media soon singled out the once-promising boxer for his extreme religious views.

‘Sugar Ray Clay Jones Junior,’ as Small nicknamed himself in his boxing days, has appeared in court accused of a plot to travel to Syria to join forces and fight with IS.

Those charges are coupled with spreading terrorism-related material online.

Two men were arrested in the back of a lorry at Dover last year with false travel documents, and Small is said to have been closely linked with the pair – harboring plans to do the same himself sometime later.


At the famous Old Bailey court in London, prosecutor Richard Whittam QC had this to say regarding Small’s actions:

“The prosecution’s case is they intended to travel to Syria to join and support what is called Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, known as Isil or Isis.”

Some of Small’s controversial online publications were also named, with one allegedly called “Attacks By Muslims In Perspective,” another revealed as “Why the Islamic State has rejected” and a speech entitled “Another James Foley beheading.”

Shorts from Small’s career as a Prizefighter were being sold off just before his arrest.