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Home » Verdejo impressive; Monaghan halts Zuniga

Verdejo impressive; Monaghan halts Zuniga

The classy Puerto Rican had undefeated Najera on the floor more than once in the fight and was teeing off at will for most of the contest.

After ten rounds, judges at ringside rightly handed Verdejo a one-sided win 100-88 on two cards with a third reading 99-89.

On this evidence, the sky is the limit for the 22 year-old lightweight who has skill in abundance and power to match.

Earlier, Seanie Monaghan continued his hot streak with yet another stoppage win – the sixteenth of his career so far.

The 33 year-old improved to 25-0 with what was a strange ending to his contest with contender-turned journeyman Fulgencio Zuniga.

Eight rounds of solid action that Monaghan had the better of came to a head in the next round, although it was Zuniga who landed the final blow.

The Colombian landed a cracking overhand right to the jaw of Monaghan but failed to get back up when bundled to the floor by the New Yorker.

Zuniga, who was told to get up by the official, decided instead to take a knee and the fight was then waved off with the former IBO champion in no position to continue.