Naz predicts Wimbledon win for son, doesn’t want kids to fight

Former world champion Naseem Hamed has made another bold prediction after following through on a promise he made as an eleven year-old boxing prospect.

Hamed, now 41, stated thirty years ago that he would one day be a world champion in the sport and duly defeated Steve Robinson in 1995 to make good on his statement.

As he prepares to be inducted in the International Boxing Hall of Fame on the back of a stellar career, Hamed has gazed into the future once more in regards to his children, but says it won’t be boxing that his offspring will excel at.

“I made a prediction when I was 11 that I would be world champion by the time I was 21 and I did it. And my son, Adam, who is 15, I’ve told everybody, is going to win Wimbledon one day.

“My eldest, Sami, is 17. He’s going to be an actor, and my other son, Sulaiman, is the cutest. He’s the natural fighter. But I don’t want my kids to fight,” Hamed said, according to The Daily Mirror.

The self-professed ‘Prince’ retired some say prematurely at the age of 28 back in 2002 after suffering just one defeat to Marco Antonio Barrera and is now happy away from the ring following a brief stint as a manager.