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Most definitely I can be bigger for boxing than Mayweather – Wilder

The 29 year-old is aiming to extend his 33-0 record against Eric Molina in Alabama and when asked whether he could be bigger for boxing than Mayweather, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ gave a definitive answer and truly believes that he is the future of the sport.

“Oh, definitely. Most definitely (I can be bigger than Floyd Mayweather), and I say that with high confidence because the heavyweight division is the cream of the crop in the first place, and the things that I bring, the excitement, the personality that I have, everything about me is all me, is totally me. Some people, some guys when they have cameras in their face, they pursue to be a certain type of person. Their persona about them changes or whatever, and then when the camera is off, they’re a whole totally different person. I don’t have flip personalities. I’m not a fake person,” said Wilder.

“Everything about me is real, everything you see, even the ALL ACCESS (on SHOWTIME). You know, you all watch the ALL ACCESS, everything is me. Nothing is scripted. Nothing is planned out, nothing. I can’t sit back and let somebody script something out about my life and what it is because it’ll be fake, and I won’t be able to go through with it because it wouldn’t be me.

So, I think I bring a lot of excitement to this division. I have woken up a lot of people as far as friends to come back to the division and stuff like that, and I know I’m doing the right things. People love me. That’s what it’s all about, but I’m just glad to be a part of the movement because we’ve got a lot of other exciting heavyweights that have made it – come back alive again as well too, whether it’s bashing up the talking or whether it’s the excitement of the performance of their fights.

“So, the division is definitely on the rise, and I’m looking to be the biggest thing in boxing, period,” he added.

Mayweather, 37, is due to retire following his final fight in September and Wilder could be the next PPV star if he can topple the other stars in the division.

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