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Beristain backs Reyes for Chavez Jr shock

Dorado will be fighting against the former world champion, Julio Cesar Chavez JR. in El Paso, Texas, on July 18th.

Nacho, who has trained 26 World Champions during his illustrious career, predicts that this fight will end by KO as both fighters possess considerable clout. However, he’s very confident of his pupil’s ability due to the work ethic which has been put into effect.

“It will be a tough fight, but I believe that the sheer effort that the boy has put in will bring him triumph. He’s looked amazing in sparring, I have three big guys that have been sparring with him and Everything looks absolutely great.”

Reyes and Chávez Jr. will clash at super middleweight. Don’t blink…as Dorado has a 70 % KO ratio and Julio has an early conclusion rate of 62%.