Sam Kynoch discusses MGM Scotland ahead of maiden event

MGM 11/06/2015

As the first MGM Scotland Promotions show dawns upon us, Chris Glover managed to catch up with promoter and trainer Sam Kynoch. Sam is well known in the Scottish boxing scene for being one of the most professional people around has big hopes for the MGM Scotland’s venture into staging events.

CG – As the show approaches how are you feeling and how do you feel the show will go?

SK – I am feeling very excited about the event. With it being my first professional event it has been very informative and certain elements of the event organisation have taken a bit of getting used to. Everything is shaping up nicely: from the matches we have lined up to the venue set-up – so I am expecting an excellent night of boxing entertainment for the fans.

CG – You will be working as a trainer as well as a promoter, something seen rarely. Does that concern you in anyway?

SK – Working as both trainer and promoter on the night will not be without its challenges but I am confident that I can manage both roles effectively. I will be working 4 out of 7 corners on the night and I am relieved that with David Brophy being top of the bill I can at least sit back and enjoy one of the fights without being directly involved! I have a great team working at the event – both from an event management perspective and with Gary Jacobs assisting in the corners, so everything should run smoothly.

CG – Is there anyone particular on the show that fight fans should look out for?

SK – I cannot pick one boxer as each boxer on the bill brings something different to the table. Debuts are always very interesting and we have three on the night: Marc Kerr, Brian Forsyth and Ross Henderson. Then we have John Thain: how will he perform on the back of two close points losses? Gordon Brennan: after such a long lay-off from the professional ranks, how will he perform? Gary Murray: he hasn’t put a foot wrong so far in his career, will this trend continue (he is in with a very tricky customer)? And then David Brophy: in with a man who has faced some of the top names in the Super-Middleweight division in Darren McKenna (who has boxed Luke Blackledge, Frank Buglioni and Rocky Fielding) – how will David compare to them?

CG – What do you think that the MGM Scotland promotional outfit will bring to Scottish boxing in the short term?

SK – In the short term MGM Scotland will be bringing Scottish boxing fans regular events – in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. And this will bring about more competitive opportunities for Scottish boxers. We are not looking to hang about so expect some really big events in the not too distant future.

CG – What are your plans for MGM Scotland fighters in the coming year?

SK – We have 4 more events scheduled for 2015 following the 12 June event. We also have some very exciting new signings to announce. Three of our new signings and details of our next two events will be announced immediately after the 12 June event.

After talking with Sam and spending time around the MGM Scotland setup it is hard to not be excited ahead of Friday night’s event. Tickets are still available for the show at Bellahouston Sports Centre from the MGM Scotland gym.

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