BSA uphold Masternak v Muller result, stipulate immediate rematch

Golden Gloves 11/06/2015

Unsurprisingly, Boxing South Africa has rejected a request to have the shock result between Mateusz Masternak and Johnny Muller overturned.

Despite the controversy surrounding the bout, including promoter Rodney Berman’s public criticism of the scoring, BSA won’t hear of it. They have simply advocated for a rematch.

BSA has copped a heap of abuse for the flamboyant scoring, which saw Muller mysteriously awarded a split points decision win, but it’s not their style to acknowledge wrongdoing.

Berman has already agreed to a rematch in Germany, where Masternak is based, but the fighter himself has rejected all talk of such. He, too, wants the result overturned, but that horse has bolted.

Berman has also offered to stage a rematch in South Africa with a judge from SA and Germany and another from a neutral country, but it’s up to Masternak.

“Frankly, if he refuses, it’s because he’s running scared. I went to his changeroom after the fight and he was pretty banged up. I’m not sure he wants to go through that again against a never-say-die fighter like Johnny,” said Berman.

Despite Masternak’s refusal, he may find he has nowhere else to go. Whatever the world thinks, the result is in the record books and while it won’t be expunged, avenging himself in a rematch is surely the most sensible option.

Besides, the two boxers produced an absorbing war at Emperors Palace on Saturday. Fans will queue for tickets the second time around.