Orange is the colour for Brayd Smith tribute night on June 27

TGW & Smithy 08/06/2015
Smithy TGW

ORANGE FOR BRAYD was the theme for training at Smithy’s TGW gym this week and it will be the same come June 27.

All of the boxers wore their orange and boxed out 25 rounds of touch sparring to kick off the most important week of training before the bouts.

“We had heavyweights like Herman Ene-Purcell working with featherweights like Will Young, young pro’s like Brent Rice touching it out with guys like 2 time former World champion Michael Katsidis,” Smithy’s TGW Gym trainer Steven Spark.

“Today was all about aerobic fitness, cardio, getting the guys working.

“It was nothing heavy so it’s great for a guy like Herman to work with faster fighters, it gives our up and comers a chance to work with some one like Michael Katsidis, who has experience all over the world.

“We have a great team, they work together so well.”

Orange is a very special colour for the team at Smithy’s TGW Gym. Come June 27 all of the local fighters will fight out of the orange corner as opposed to the blue corner and everyone in the crowd will be encouraged to wear orange.

“It’s a real honour to be a part of this team and we’ve all been through a lot,” former Australian champion Will Young said.

“It’s all about orange today and it’ll be all about orange on June 27.

“We’ve all got our own individual bouts on the night but collectively it’s all about celebrating the life of Brayd and sending him off the way he deserves,” Young said.

A big part of the night will be a champions parade and final farewell to the great white. Three of the biggest names in Australian boxing Jeff Fenech, Anthony Mundine and Michael Katsidis will be a part of the parade.

The TGW & Smithy’s bring the big fight’s 10 card is now less than three weeks away.

“We’re now getting very close and all of our fighters are in great shape,” Brendon Smith said.

“They’re all in very big fights and this is a very competitive card.

“I would love to see everyone in orange on the night.

“It will be a very special night.” Smith said.