Throwdown Fantasy: Khan-Algieri picks land second cash prize for player

Throwdown Fantasy 04/06/2015

Amir Khan beat Chris Algieri last Friday and felt that he won the Floyd Mayweathersweepstakes although many doubt that. Nobody is doubting the fantasy boxing player named Yuggy though because he won his second big game at Throwdown Fantasy boxing by topping the #KhanAlgieri $2k Throwdown.

Let’s take a look at how de did it:

Remember Yuggy?


Yeah okay, who has forgotten Yuggy? If you’re a ThrowdownFan-atic, he’s the guy who won $2.5K in Throwdown Fantasy’s biggest game ever, the $10k MayPac Guarantee game. But as if to prove that his win wasn’t a fluke, he came out swinging again three featured games later. Here’s the leaderboard for Yuggy‘s latest triumph:

Yuggys Card KhanAlgieri

Yuggy won by a comfortable margin of 37.2 points versus his closest rival and once again, it was because of shrewd Salary Cap Management, knowledge of the fighters and a stroke of luck.

The Winning Formula

Post Kahn

Folks, that is Yuggy’s winning scorecard and take note that he didn’t pick a fighter from the featured game which was Khan-Algieri. We’ll get into that later. But let’s go to the Salary Cap first:


If you add up the salaries of Yuggy’s team, it would total $24,900 so the guy still had a hundred bucks of fantasy payroll to spare after forming his team. Yuggy’s most expensive fighter was Kell Brook at $5,600.00 but with the extra $100 bucks on hand, he would have also been able to pick the featured fighter Amir Khan and undefeated champion Evgeny Gradovich who were priced at $5,700 each. If you take a look at the list of fights above, Khan, Brook and Gradovich had the three biggest advantage over their foes based on salaries. But no, Yuggy didn’t get lured into picking Khan or Gradovich. Here’s why:

First of all, Khan-Algieri was destined to go the full 12-round route, so the possibility of getting knockout bonuses and the 30 point KO decision points was remote . Throwdown Fantasy’s preview saw that coming too in its preview entitled Khan-Algieri is Definitely Going The Distance so users already had an idea of what was most probably going to happen. Secondly, Evgeny Gradovich was undefeated and was coming off four straight successful title defenses, but stylistically Lee Selbylooked every inch the Anti-Gradovich. So rather than gamble on Gradovich or pick Khan, Yuggy took in Kell Brook, who was also a $1,000+ fantasy salary favorite but had the better shot at beating and knocking out his opponent in Frankie Gavin.

In fairness to Khan, he did score 61.8 points or just 9.1 less than Kell Brook. But if you remembered what happened to Yuggy in the #GGG $2K Throwdown Game, he lost it by just two points:Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 9.39.20 AM

Now if that happened here, wouldn’t the additional 9.1 points by Brook have spelled the difference?

Of course we know Gradovich got upset by Lee Selby. And although Selby scored a modest 39.3 points against Gradovich, picking the Russian would have cost $1,100 more and he would have scored 27.5 points less ( Gradovich scored 11.8 points).  So what’s the point here? Players get tempted to pick the most expensive fighters thinking of a sure big win. And while these fighters are indeed the favorites in the actual fights, the scoring system in fantasy boxing makes it very different. Upsets also happen in boxing and once that happens, your fantasy points disappear in a flash. In Yuggy’s case, picking Brook didn’t get him a huge difference over Khan, but it would have been insurance points in a close game. Or if he had he been tempted to pick the expensive Gradovich as his centerpiece, he would have kissed this game goodbye. But he’s Yuggy , and he knows his boxing well. That paid off big time.

Choosing his Favorites

Boxing at O2 Arena

Instead of picking a very expensive Khan or Gradovich to pair with Brook, Yuggy picked two slightly favored fighters who weren’t as costly. The rationale for this was to get at least three most probable winners and still have enough money to draft two quality boxers who can win.

Edwin Rodriguez and Jorge Linares were favorites in their fights but they were expected to face stiffer competition than Khan, Gradovich or Brook. Hence, they were neatly priced at $5,000 apiece. Drafting both plus Brook gave him a total of$15,600.00 or a remaining payroll of $9,400 for two remaining fighter( an average of$4,700 per boxer). On the other hand, if he paired Brook with either Khan or Gradovich, he would have been left with just $13,700 or some $4500 for three fighters. Yuggy took the first route and ended up with Brook, Rodriguez and Linares as his key fighters.

It is also interesting to note that with the excess salary cap of $100, Yuggy had the opportunity to pick Andre Dirrell at $5,100 over either Rodriguez or Linares. Dirrell was also slightly favored over James DeGale but perhaps Yuggy believed ( some of us did) Dirrell was no longer the same fighter he was before the head injury in 2012. DeGale ended up beating Dirrell by unanimous decision. Yuggy didn’t pick DeGale either because while he was priced at only $4,700, the risk was there since Dirrell was still considered as the favorite in their fight.

The Remaining Picks


Brandon Adams versus John Thompson was a “pick ‘em” fight and both fighters were priced at $4,700. Most liked Adams in this Boxcinco junior middleweight finals match-up as Adams was a runner-up to Willie Monroe Jr. in last year’sBoxcinco middleweight finals. Thompson was a last minute replacement and had only 5 KOs coming into the fight. But Thompson shocked Adams by knocking him out in the second round. Thompson would end up with a total of 113.8 points, the most in this game.

Finally, Yuggy had $4,700 left and as stated earlier, he could have picked DeGale. But no, Yuggy had more faith in another Briton. He picked Lee Selby who was at $4,600and went against the highest priced fighter of the game in Evgeny Gradovich. This is where his boxing IQ came to play and he was correct. Selby dominated Gradovich before winning via Technical decision.  The TD win allowed him to win with fewer points but at the price of $4,600 Selby was worth the salary.

Yuggy scored a total of 153.1 points on his last two picks that were worth a total of$9,300 in fantasy salary. That’s a total of 41% of his total score on his last two picks and that’s impressive. You may say he had some luck with Thompson’s quick finish and big scoring. But remember that you can never be lucky unless you give it a try.

So if you want to win like Yuggy, you’ve got to give it a try. Throwdown now and test your boxing knowledge against the rest of the field. Who knows, we’ll be talking about your fantasy boxing exploits in our next featured article.