Dennis Hobson positive about link-up with Spike TV

Dennis Hobson has hailed as a success his debut collaboration with Spike TV, after viewers were left on the edge of their seats by the televised ring-action at Rotherham’s Magna Centre on May 30.

Top of the bill saw Ross Burkinshaw throw caution to the wind against South Africa’s Klaas Mboyane for the vacant WBO Inter-Continental bantamweight title. Fight-fans were enthralled as the pair traded ferociously, before Burkinshaw was forced to retire injured after four rounds of toe-to-toe action.

Chief-support was another fan-friendly affair as Barnsley’s Josh Wale edged Welshman Dai Davies in a Commonwealth featherweight title eliminator. The pair set about each other for the full 10 rounds, with cuts and clean shots wowing the crowd, as the Spike TV cameras recorded the see-saw battle.

“It was a success,” stated promoter Hobson. “There are a couple of things we’ll tweak but, without trying to reinvent the wheel, we’re looking to create more entertainment and get casual and non-boxing fans interested. Sometimes people don’t like change, but we’re trying to do something a little bit different and hopefully people won’t be negative from the start.

“I definitely believe we can add a different dimension to the norm when it comes to shows, while not forgetting that it’s all about the boxers trying to further their careers. The show and production was pulled together pretty quickly, behind the scenes we worked very hard, and all-in-all I thought the concept worked well. As I say, we’ll tweak a few things in future but I’m very happy with how it went.

“Ultimately it’s all about making the right matches for the fighters and the crowd. Boxing is an entertainment business as well as a sport, and it’s so important to have well-matched, competitive contests. We did that again on Saturday night, the fights were terrific, and the feedback we’ve had has been very positive.”