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Home » Cotto: Geale agreed to catchweight, I hope he can make it on Friday

Cotto: Geale agreed to catchweight, I hope he can make it on Friday

Shaw stated earlier that it is an inconvenience for Geale to drop three pounds for what is supposed to be a 160lb title fight, although Cotto made note of the fact that he himself has been the victim of catchweight stipulations in the past when facing Manny Pacquaio six years ago.

“I think that people are making a big issue where there does not need to be a big issue with catchweights. Freddie, back in 2009, made me go down from 147 to 145. Did anyone hear anything about Miguel Cotto disagreeing with the catch weights? No, I was a gentlemen the whole way,” said Cotto.

“Catchweights were our main point to make this fight happen. Daniel and his team agreed to going down to 157 and I hope he can make weight on Friday. I hope to see everyone there on Saturday night.”

Roach himself then added: “We’ve had a great training camp. Miguel is in great shape. Our sparring partners on our team have been great. And we’re ready for this fight.

“Gary’s been making a big deal about catch weights, but they have been around for a long time and he knows how to read a contract and he’s had that contract for a long time now, so I don’t think that’s an issue. We look forward to seeing you at the fight.”

Geale, 34, now has the task of hitting a mark that the Australian hasn’t been able to make since way back in 2007 when he first made the jump to middleweight and then fully hydrated ready to meet head on Cotto this Saturday night.

Cotto is still trying to grow into the weight as he heads towards lucrative clashes with Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin in the next six months and Geale dropping those three pounds is seen as much more than just a leveller for their impending contest.