Scott Harrison ordered to return to Spain to serve jail sentence

The former two-time WBO champion began a prison sentence in 2008 for assault and was initially released in 2011, but has now been told that he must return to Spanish authorities to serve a further sentence enforced in 2012.

Harrison, 37, made a comeback to the sport in 2012 after seven years away, winning the first two and losing a third and final contest against Liam Walsh in April 2013.

‘The Real McCoy’ then lost his license due to activity outside of the ring before being reinstated by the British Board last August. Another arrest followed just one month later due to the European court exercising their arrest warrant for an alleged assault dating back to 2007 – which in turn meant the revoking of Harrison’s license once gain.

The two and half years Harrison originally served of his four-year sentence are now set to be extended to the full four years or more.

It looks as though the former featherweight ruler is now firmly staring the end of his career in the face as the troubles that have blighted a once promising career for the past eight years continue to overshadow what could have been a memorable effort.