Lo Greco feels Porter can bully Broner on June 20

Amy Green 28/05/2015

World ranked welterweight contender Phil LoGreco (26-1, 14 KO) won a unanimous decision over Rafael Cobos on March 6, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. This victory followed a loss to Shawn Porter, who is on the books to face Adrien Broner June 20 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

Lo Greco is on the look-out for his next opponent and sees the Broner/Porter match as an entertaining fight.

“I think its a good match up,” he said. “The fact that the weight is 144 makes it more competitive because Broner is the smaller guy. If Shawn doesn’t have weight problems, I give him the edge. Broner doesn’t like to be bullied as we saw with Maidana. Porter has a better style, but can still bully him.”

After signing with Al Haymon in December, LoGreco is now living in Las Vegas, and training at Long Life Fitness with James Long and Miguel Diaz, and is working toward a fight date.
“I expect a fight date soon,” he said. “I’m anxious to get back in the ring. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do after a two year layoff (before the Cobos fight) so I’m staying in the gym and I’m going to be ready.”

Nicknamed the “Italian Sensation”, Lo Greco has been able to get acquainted with the Italian community in Las Vegas. “I had a great time at the San Gennaro feast, and am really looking forward to visiting the Italian American Club here,” he said. “Their president, Angelo Casarro used to be an amateur boxing judge and is a big boxing fan, so we got a lot in common.”

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