Anthony Mundine heads to Toowoomba on June 27 for Brayd Smith tribute

TGW & Smithy 28/05/2015

MULTIPLE TIME WORLD CHAMPION & CURRENT WBC SILVER SUPER WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION ANTHONY MUNDINE will travel to Toowoomba on June 27 to be a part of TGW & Smithy Bring the Big Fight’s 10.

A large part of this very special show will be a final tribute to the late Braydon Smith. Mundine – who is one of the biggest names in Australian sporting history has been announced as the second big name, alongside Jeff Fenech, taking part in the parade of champions to celebrate the life of Braydon Smith

“I was overwhelmed with Anthony’s response when we asked him if he would be a special guest on June 27,” Brendon Smith said.

“This event is extremely special and to have some of the calibre of Anthony Mundine here is a big thing.

“Anthony is the current WBC Silver Super welterweight champion and Brayd was the WBC Youth Silver World champion.

“Anthony is a household name anywhere in this country and across the World so its wonderful the people of Toowoomba will get the chance to meet and greet him on June 27.”

The passing of Brayd Smith was felt all around the World but in particular in Australia.

Anthony Mundine was only to happy to be a part of this special occasion.

“Firstly thank you to Brendon for inviting me to this event and Brayd’s farewell,” Mundine said.

“It is a privilege to be a part of a very special night.

“Brayd was very popular in Toowoomba and around the World and destined for great things.

“He was a great role model for the sport.

“He didn’t drink alcohol, he never smoked or touched drugs – just like myself.

“I wish there was more people like us around – both in sport and in general.

“I’m looking forward to coming up to Toowoomba for such a good cause and to farewell a great man who lost his life to a sport we all love,” Mundine said.

There is a lot of similarities between Anthony Mundine and Brayd Smith.

Both reached champion status within the WBC, both fight with their father in the corner as lead trainer and both lived a clean lifestyle outside the ring.

“Anthony is someone Brayd always admired,” Brendon Smith said.

“Obviously he polarises opinion in this country but Brayd was drawn not only to his immense talent in the ring but more so the way he dedicates himself to a clean lifestyle outside the ring.

“While everyone might not agree with everything Anthony says – no one should question the way he lives his life and the message he promotes of healthy living.

“To have Anthony and Jeff Fenech coming up for our show to honour Brayd is very humbling for me and my family and all of Brayd’s friends and supporters.

“It’s a wonderful gesture by both men.

“Like Jeff, Anthony’s response was amazing.

“His response was – as long as it doesn’t clash with the rescheduling of my bout with Austin Trout – I’ll be there,”

“The boxing community is amazing and on June 27 we will give one of the sport’s best ambassadors a fitting send off that he deserves.

“It’s great that Anthony Mundine wants to be a part of that,” Brendon Smith said.