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Home » Benn: If Groves put Froch down what would GGG do?

Benn: If Groves put Froch down what would GGG do?

Froch, 37, and 33 year-old Golovkin have opened tentative negotiations about a possible super middleweight meeting at Wembley Stadium in England this year and the potential contest has dominated the boxing headlines recently.

Benn, who now lives in Australia and looks after his son Conor’s career, answered a comment about the conundrum Golovkin may pose to Froch if they met and ‘The Dark Destroyer’ pulled no punches with his honest answer.

“If George Groves put Froch down what do you think GGG would do?” questioned Benn.

Prior to the comment, Benn had predicted (tongue in cheek it must be said) that there is ‘only one winner’ if the contest happens and that Golovkin wins a ‘very early stoppage,’ something that won’t go down well with ‘The Cobra’ as he mulls over the match-up.

It seems Froch isn’t high on the list of revered fighters in Benn’s estimation either as the two-weight world title holder was also quizzed on who he thinks would have given him problems out of Bernard Hopkins, Roy Jones Jr, Froch, Joe Calzaghe and Andre Ward, to which Benn replied: ‘The only one who would have really given me problems was Joe’ – to compound the Nottingham man’s misery further.

Promoter Eddie Hearn, who is the mastermind behind the re-emergence of Froch following his damaging defeat to Ward in the Super-Six tournament, is predicting another massive night in the UK if he can get the Golokvin fight signed off. There are plenty that think Froch may decide to retire rather than taking on a puncher with a 90% KO ratio as Golovkin is currently the most feared boxer on the planet.

Whether the encounter does come off is still in the balance.