WBA order immediate Ioka v Reveco return; USA dominate ratings

Hilmar Rojas 21/05/2015

After evaluating the request made by the former champion Juan Carlos Reveco and his team, the WBA championships committee ordered the rematch of the fight with Japanese Kazuto Ioka, who fought on April 22 in Japan.

The bout ended favorable to the Asian 114-114, 113-116, 113-115 on the scorecards that meant the defeat of Reveco by majority decision and the loss of his WBA flyweight world title.

Due to the controversial decision, an immediate rematch was ordered according to point c.26 of the WBA rules.

The fighters were given 30 days to negotiate, and in case they do not reach an agreement, the bid would be split according to regulations, 60% to the champ Ioka and 40% for Reveco.

Both parties were notified of the decision and are aware that they should have no other fight until complying with the rematch.

America holds the largest percentage of fighters in the World Boxing Association ranking

The USA has 48.40 % of the total fighters ranked by the WBA, whilst Europe has 21.20 %, Asia has 20.80 %, Africa 5.20 % and Oceania closes with 4.40 %.

America is divided into 48.78 % of rated boxers in the North, 32.52 % are from Central America and the Caribbean while the south has 18.70 %.

As for the countries, United States holds the most with 37 rated boxers (8 champions), followed by Japan with 19 (4 champions). Great Britain (4 champions) and Mexico (4 champions) 18 each.

Dominican Republic and Thailand have a dozen rated boxers. Australia, Puerto Rico and Russia have ten. The Philippines has nine.

Panamá has eight fighters in the ratings; Colombia, Yemen and Venezuela have six.